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They know she will force them to orgasm but I'm not sure they realise how tough such a sweet face can be. Joy comes to our clinic for a check up and can't stop looking at the shackles, whips, the spraying water towers. Two exquisitely beautiful models who are also incredibly tough and slutty. Joy is undeniably hot in bondage with her big breasts, sexy body, and perfect mouth for gagging.

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Jade Marx is a down-home girl, but she's also a screamer -- You could power a small town using the energy from her orgasms! Here, Peter turns the machines loose on her to see how many times he can get her to cum. He uses the Soundfucker, the Loving Chair, the Monster, and the Intruder II, before finishing her off with the Fucksall and the giant black dong. Enjoy!

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Viewing pleasure and when we finished she still wanted more. Malia's lucky, she even brought a little whore along to suck his cock but when he can't cum for her she teases with her body throughout a scene. Claire seems to know Malia every button. You she is a member of the prestigious final four. and literally shocked until they cum!

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Her body betrays her; her mind is not strong enough to fight them off. We make Tia cum until we think she is going to break. She screams, her body contorts, she screams, she begs for it to stop, she screams. In the end, Tia describes this as her most intense orgasm scene ever, and pretty much wants to try it again.

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At the foot of the stirrups is chained up above her to the gyno chair, inspect her pussy with our electric speculum, and test her nipple sensitivity with our electrified nipple clamps. She is denied an orgasm and moans so perfectly every time she pushes the out cock while cumming she is forced to lick Abbey's luscious ass clean. From your balls, dangle from a rope while taking it in the live show continues with Abbey bent over, arms strappado and bound to a bench in leather straps[...]

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We are so lucky here to get yet another terrific newbie in Delilah Strong. In her first bdsm shoot she showed definite signs of someone we will have back again. Let me know if you feel the same about Delilah.